This Chicken Fajita Quesadillas is easy, cheesy and is full of flavour that can make you crave for more! Make sure you stock up on your peppers (Capsicum) and some cheese as you will be making these all the time!

Yields: 4 Quesadillas
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 30 Minutes
Total Time: 40 Minutes


Tortillas – 4
Mexican Rice – 1 Bowl

Fajita mix:
Chili powder – 2 Tablespoon
Oregano – 1 Tablespoon
Cumin powder – 1 Tablespoon
Pepper Powder – 1 Tablespoon
Coriander Powder – 1 Tablespoon
Salt – 1 Teaspoon

Chicken breasts – 3
Onion – 1 Large (Sliced)
Green Capsicum – 1 (Sliced)
Red Capsicum – 1 (Sliced)
Yellow Capsicum – 1 (Sliced)
Garlic – 4 Cloves (Finely chopped)
Cheese – 1 Cup
Olive oil – 1 Tablespoon
Coriander – For Garnish


  1. In a bowl add all the powders for the fajita mix. Mix it well.
  2. Add half the Fajita mix to the 3 chicken breasts and rub it over both the sides of all the chicken breasts.
  3. Add oil to a heated pan and cook the chicken for 7 Minutes on each side.
  4. Take out the chicken from the pan and let it sit for another 5 minutes before slicing it.
  5. Now while the chicken is cooling down, in the same pan add the onion, garlic and the capsicums and let mix till it cooks.
  6. Once you can smell the rawness of the vegetables add the fajita mix and keep stirring till the vegetables are fully covered with the fajita mix. Once cooked, take off the heat.
  7. Assembly: Take a tortilla, on one side put the Mexican rice , topped with the Fajita and then the chicken. Add as much as cheese as you want and then fold the tortilla and cover the filling.
  8. Keep it on a heated pan, without any oil and flip it when the other side turns crisp.
  9. Once crisp on both sides, take it off heat and cut it in the middle.
  10. Garnish with coriander.
  11. Eat when hot and crispy.

I hope you guys like this recipe!
Stay tuned for more.

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